Chongqing Qijiang,Qijiang,China Qingjiang

Qijiang Introduction

     The winding Qijiang River and the beautiful Ying Mountain are waiting for you. 1.22 million citizens of gracious hospitality are waiting for you to Qijiang District, a land with long history and new vitality.  
     In October,2011, the State Council repelled the Wansheng District and Qijiang County in Chonqing to set up the Qijiang District in Chongqing. The new Qijiang District, covering an area of 2747 ㎞²,has jurisdiction over 5 streets and 25 counties with a population of 1.22 million. Qijiang is a place with a long history and a galaxy of advanced culture and talents. Since the establishment of its organizational system in Nanzhou in 619, it enjoys a history of about 1400 years in organizational system. The first communist party organization in Chongqing was born in Qijiang and it is also home of such famous revolutionary martyrs as Zou Jinxian and Wang Liang. Since the farmers’prints and the Yongchengchuideng(a folk art of playing music by blowing and beating) in Qijiang enjoy a wide reputation in the world, Qijiang is known as “the home of farmers’ prints in China” and “the home of the noted folk culture and art”. Qijiang enjoys a good geographical location and convenient transportation. In addition, it has long been known as the gateway in the south of Chongqing. With Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway, Qijiang-Wanzhou Expressway, 210 national road and 303 provincial road running through it and Chongqing-Guizhou Railway and  Sanjiang- Nanchuan Railway criss-crossing here, it is a key place in the great channel to the sea from the south of Chongqing. Qijiang is rich in resources with beautiful landscapes. It is rich in such mineral products as coal, gas and iron ore and its coal reserve amounts to 2billion tons, accounting for over 40% of the whole reserves in Chongqing. There are also many natural and cultural landscapes with great development potential in Qijiang, such as Gujian Mountain, dinosaur footprint fossils and Dongxi ancient town. Qijiang has a profound industrial base and its commerce and business are prosperous. It is an old industrial base in Chongqing with many a municipal large and medium-size enterprises. The pillar industries in Qijiang such as energy, metallurgy, gear and machinery and food processing are in constant development and expansion and it is the gear city in western China and the energy base in Chongiqng. The noted and featured products in Qijiang, such as Qijiang Gear, Fansaoguang(a special pickle) sell well at home and abroad. There are over 10 famous large and medium-sized stores, supermarkets and hotels in Qijiang, which has become a vital commercial logistics center in the south of Chongqing and to the north of Guizhou.

       Under the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Qijiang sticks to scientific development and the enhancement of transforming the developing mode in recent years. We adhere to the people's livelihood oriented development and boost the urbanization, new industrialization, modernization of agriculture, the development in commercial logistics and recreational tourism. We promote vigorously the implementation of issues concerned with the people’s livelihood and our economy maintains a sound momentum. In 2011, the GDP in the whole district reaches 26.44 billion yuan, ranking 15th in 38 districts and counties in Chongqing. The local financial revenue reaches 5.08 billion, ranking 13th in Chongqing. The fixed assets investment amounts to 23.24 billion yuan, and the total retail sales of consumer goods reaches 8.78 billion yuan, both of which rank in 14th Chongqing.

       At present, the new Qijiang District takes a brand look with the sense of urgency that “the development of new Qijiang District can stand not even a day’s delay any more” to boost the development strategy of “becoming a big city with good development, a key hub with large industries and great balance”. We center on the target of “building Qijiang as a energy base, important industrial site, tourist resort, cultural and regional center in Chongqing and sparing no effort to quicken the development of Qijiang as a rich and prosperous gateway in the south of Chongqing” and march forward with big strides. 

District Committee of
Communist Party in Qijiang, Chongqing Municipality
The People’s Government of
Chongqing Municipal Qijiang District